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The Policy Analyst is responsible for the implementation of OMB policy in developing and carrying out regulatory review and information collection strategies.

  • Exercises oversight of regulatory, paperwork, and information policy for designated departments or agencies. Reviews, analyzes, and makes recommendations regarding regulatory, paperwork, and information issues and clearances.

  • Manages all information collection requests submitted under the Paperwork Reduction Act. Input from other staff of OMB and outside interests are taken into account, issues are raised where appropriate, and OMB response is communicated to the agency. Relates recordkeeping and information policy problems to major regulatory actions being taken by the agency, and to overall OMB policy direction.

  • Manages all agency submissions of regulations for OMB review under E.O. 12291, and development of the Regulatory Program under E.O. 12498. Coordinates input from other parts of OMB or the Executive Office of the President. Issues are raised as appropriate. Reviews and analyzes agency analyses of regulations and makes recommendations to OMB and agency management regarding the quality, completeness, and appropriateness of these analyses.

  • Supervises and/or conducts analysis and data collection in support of cumulative effects of regulations or paperwork. On the basis of these analyses, recommends actions to reduce the costs of these regulations and to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Prepares position and option papers on issues facing the division.

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