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Office of Management and Budget

January 16, 2001, OMB Releases Fiscal Year 2002 Baseline Projections, Fiscal Year 2002 Economic Outlook, and Highlights from Fiscal Year 1994 to Fiscal Year 2001.

The President transmitted his budget for Fiscal Year 2001 to the Congress on February 7, 2000. The budget documents and supporting documents listed below comprise the President's budget transmittal for fiscal year 2001.

To access these documents, click on Budget and Supporting Documents. In addition, many of the tables in these documents are available in spreadsheet format.

Budget documents:
Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2001
Analytical Perspectives
Historical Tables
Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget
Budget System and Concepts
Mid-Session Review

Supporting Documents:

Federal Credit Supplement
Balances of Budget Authority
Object Class Analysis
Object Class Analysis--Detail

Budget Amendments and Supplementals:

-- FY 2000
-- FY 1999

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