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Inventory Reform Act of 1998

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SUBJECT: Public Availability of Agency Inventories Under the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-270) ("FAIR Act")

AGENCY: Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President

ACTION: Notice of Public Availability of Commercial Activities Inventories

SUMMARY: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) hereby announces that the FAIR Act Commercial Activities Inventories are now available to the public from the agencies listed below.

The "Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998" (Public Law 105-270) ("FAIR Act") requires that OMB publish an announcement of public availability of agency Commercial Activities Inventories upon completion of OMB's review and consultation process concerning the agencies' inventory submissions. OMB has completed this process for the agencies listed below. Further announcements will be published as OMB completes the review process for additional agencies.

Commercial Activities Inventories are now available from the following agencies:

Agency Contact
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Carol McLain, 202-606-8511
Armed Forces Retirement Home Richard Conoboy, 202-722-3228
Broadcasting Board of Governors Dennis Sokol, 202-619-3988
Commission on Fine Arts Jeff Carson, 202-504-2200
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Emory Bevill, 202-418-5187
Consumer Product Safety Commission Edward E. Quist, 301-504-0029 ext. 2240
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Andrew Thibadeau at 202-694-7000
Department of Energy Mark R. Hively, 202-586-5655;
e-mail: mark.hively@hq.doe.gov;
web site: www.pr.doe.gov/a76.htm
Department of the Interior Jennings Wong, 202- 208-6704;
web site: www.ios.doi.gov/pam/pamhome.html
Department of Labor Al Stewart, 202-693-4021
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Allan Fisher, 202-663-4201
Federal Election Commission John O'Brien, 202-694-1215
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Paul McKee, 202-208-1088
Federal Housing Finance Board David A. Lee, 202-408-2514
Federal Financial Institutions Examination
   Council Appraisal Subcommittee
Marc L. Weinberg, General Counsel,
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Jane Lorber, 202-606-5444
Federal Trade Commission Elliot Davis, 202-326-2022
Holocaust Memorial Council and Museum Jay Gaglione, 202-314-0336
International Trade Commission Charles W. Sole, Jr., 202-205-2746
Japan-United States Friendship Commission Margaret Mihori, 202-418-9800
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Jared Barlage, 202-416-8721
National Credit Union Administration Michael J. McNeill, 703-518-6570
National Gallery of Art Bill Roache, 202-842-6329
National Science Foundation Mitch Crawford 703-306-1101
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ronald D. Thompson, 301-415-7305
Offices of Inspector General:
Agency for International Development
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Environmental Protection Agency
Farm Credit Administration
Federal Communications Commission
National Labor Relations Board
Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Archives and Records Administration

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Securities and Exchange Commission
Social Security Administration

Wayne Watson, 202-712-1207 or 712-0010
Stanley J. McLeod, 202-708-3444 ext. 156
John C. Jones, 202-260-3137
Elizabeth Dean, 703-883-4036
Charles Willoughby, 202-418-0472
Emil George, 202- 273-1960
Frank LaRocca, 202-358-2575
James Springs, 301-713-7300, ext. 224
or Kat Grillo, 301-713-7300, ext. 221
David C. Lee, 301-415-5930
Walter Stachnik, Inspector General, 202-942-4461
John Byrnes, 410-966-9136
Office of Personnel Management Kenneth McMahill, 202-606-2494
Railroad Retirement Board Henry M. Valiulis, 312-751-4520
Small Business Administration James Van Wert, 202-205-6610
Securities and Exchange Commission Donald Sherman,202-942-4000
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights George Harbison, 202-376-8356
Woodrow Wilson Center Ronnie Dempsey, 202-691-4216

Date: October 25, 1999

Clarence C. Crawford
Associate Director for Administration

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