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Council on Sustainable  Development
PCSD's Final Report to the President

Towards a Sustainable America: Advancing Prosperity, Opportunity, and a Healthy Environment for the 21st Century, May 1999 PDF Information

Previous Reports by the President's Council on Sustainable Development

Sustainable America: A New Consensus for Prosperity, Opportunity, and A Healthy Environment for the Future, February 1996

Building on Consensus: A Progress Report on Sustainable America, January 1997

The Road to Sustainable Development: A Snapshot of Activities in the United States of America, March 1997.

Task Force Reports from first phase of PCSD:
Eco-Efficiency, 1996
Energy and Transportation, 1996
Population and Consumption, 1996
Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education, February 1997
Sustainable Agriculture, 1996
Sustainable Communities Task Force Report, Fall 1997
Natural Resources, Spring 1999 PDF Information

Eco-Industrial Park Workshop Proceedings [held October 17-18, 1996], February 1997

Proceedings of the Workshop on Extended Product Responsibility [held October 21-22, 1996], February 1997

Lessons Learned from Collaborative Approaches, April 1997

Availability of PCSD Reports

Copies of PCSD Reports may be obtained by calling 1-800-363-3732 or may be purchased from the U. S. Government Printing Office by calling (202) 512-1800.

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Population and Consumption

PCSD - Sustainable Communitites - Index

Sustainable Agriculture - Contents

Sustainable America - A New Consensus

Eco-Efficiency Task Force Report

Energy and Transportation Task Force Report

Public Linkage, Dialogue, and Education Task Force Report

Final Report Fact Sheet

Proceedings - Extended Product Responsibility

Business Leaders Agree on Climate Change Action

Eco-Industrial Park Workshop Proceedings

Final Report Press Release

President's Council on Sustainable Development - Lessons Learned

Building on Consensus: A Progress Report on Sustainable America

The Road to Sustainable Development: A Snapshot