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Mount Sinai School of Medicine Commencement Ceremonies

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Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Commencement Ceremonies

Friday, May 14
Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center
New York

Remarks by Dr. Neal Lane
Assistant to the President for Science and Technology

Thank you, Dr. Rowe. I'm grateful for this prestigious honor.

I consider myself fortunate to have an occupation that is also a calling — a true vocation.  Everyday I go to work and strive toward goals in which I genuinely believe. The sense of fulfillment that comes with that privilege is something thatI hope today's graduates will feel about their education and experience at some point in their careers.

Emerson said, “In the hands of the discoverer, medicine becomes a heroic art….”  I hope that, as medical doctors just beginning your careers, every member of Mt. Sinai'sClass of 1999 will recognize that you have the potential to be great discoverers — and great heroes. As you bring healing and comfort to people wherever you go, I wish for you success in your science, deep fulfillment in your art, and a lifetime of meaning derived from sharing your gifts with your fellow humans.

Thank you again.

Office of Science and Technology Policy
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W
Washington, DC 20502

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