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Stocking Stuffer Tidbits

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Stocking Stuffer Tidbits
  • Past Christmas themes at the Clinton White House include: "Santa's Workshop" (1997), "The Nutcracker" (1996), "Twas the Night Before Christmas and All Through the House" (1995), "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (1994), and "The Angel Tree" (1993). The trees in the Diplomatic Receptions Room are decorated with ornaments from these previous Christmases.

  • The Oval Office contains a tree decorated by students from a Washington DC's Fillmore Arts School.

  • The Christmas tree in the East Garden Room is decorated with more than 400 ornaments sent in by current and former Peace Corps volunteers, and Peace Corps staff from over 65 countries around the world. The ornaments were made by individuals in the communities where Peace Corps volunteers are serving.

  • A handmade menorah decorates the West Wing Lobby. This menorah is on loan from the Gomez Mill House in Marlboro, New York, the earliest surviving Jewish homestead in North America. The centuries-old brass menorah embodies the spirit and faith observed by early Jewish settlers in this country.

  • Hanging in the Cross Hall is the traditional "kissing ball", which was created by a Washington DC-based master needlepoint artist, Hyla Hurley. This year's "kissing ball" takes the shape of Santa dressed in a winter white robe amidst woodland animals, with two polar bears guiding him on his journey to the North Pole.

  • The traditional White House creche, the focal point of the East Room, was made in Naples, Italy in the late 18th century. It features 47 carved wood and terra cotta figures. The creche was a gift to the White House from Mrs. Charles Engelhard, Jr. of Far Hills, New Jersey and has been displayed each year at the White House since it was presented in 1967.


    • The White House pastry chefs will use approximately 500 pounds of sugar, and 300 pounds of chocolate in their sweet creations throughout the holidays.

    • The gingerbread house, weighing over 150 pounds, contains: 80 pounds of gingerbread, 20 pounds of powdered sugar, and 40 pounds of chocolate.

    • Approximately, 12,000 pieces of shrimp and 285 gallons of eggnog will be served at White House receptions during the holiday season


    • Nearly 80 volunteers from across the nation donated their time and talents to decorate the White House this holiday season. For many of these volunteers, helping the White House prepare for Christmas has become an annual tradition. One volunteer has helped decorate the White House for the past 26 Christmases.

    Inside White House 18 (5 in West Wing)
    Grounds 10
    TOTAL 28


    Garland on grounds and in White House: 720


    24' wreath 1 (weighs 2000 pounds!!)
    14' wreath 1
    24" wreaths 92
    20" wreaths 36
    14" wreaths 214
    TOTAL 344


    On the Official White House Christmas tree (in the Blue Room) 2700


    Gold and White 724
    Red 119
    TOTAL 843


    Over 2,600 individuals, ranging from elementary school students to senior citizens, will participate in musical programs.


    Ornaments were created by volunteers from across the country:
    Snowmen ornaments 230
    Mitten and hat ornaments 271
    Wooden winter recreation equipment ornaments 451
    State (plus District of Columbia) Balls: 51
    Glass Icicles 500
    Gold and Silver Bead Strings 380
    TOTAL 2343
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