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OMB Bulletin No. 99-07, Supplement 1

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October 21, 1999

BULLETIN NO. 99-07, Supplement No. 1


SUBJECT:  Apportionment Under the Extension of the Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 2000

1. Purpose and background. H. J. Res. 71 extends the continuing resolution through October 29, 1999.

2. Apportionment. I am extending the automatic apportionment specified in section 2 of OMB Bulletin No. 99-07 to October 29, 1999. The portion of the year covered is now 7.9 percent.

The continuing resolution extension includes a provision clarifying the authority of agencies to both do the work necessary to issue mandatory payments due on or about November 1st and to make the payments.

If you can justify amounts greater than the amount automatically apportioned, please submit a written request for apportionment.

Jacob J. Lew

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