White House Conference on Social Security: Conference Participants (December 8)
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8:45-9:30: Opening Session.

Speakers (not in speaking order):

  • President Bill Clinton
  • Senator Tom Daschle
  • Senator Rick Santorum
  • Representative Richard Gephardt
  • Representative Clay Shaw

9:50-10:50: Panel -- The Challenges of Social Security Reform: Why We Need To Act Now, the Budget Surplus, and Social Security Reform


  • Marilyn Moon -- Urban Institute
  • Rudy Penner -- Former Director of CBO

11:00-12:00: Panel -- The Challenges of Social Security Reform: Impact of Reform on Different Segments of the Population


  • Alicia Munnell -- Boston College
  • Kilolo Kijakazi -- Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Richard Thau -- Third Millennium
  • Carol Cox Wait -- Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

12:00-1:30: Lunch Break.

1:30-3:00: Panel -- The Challenges of Social Security Reform: Private Market Options.


  • Henry Aaron -- Brookings Institution
  • Carolyn Weaver -- American Enterprise Institute
  • Josè Piñera -- Cato Institute
  • Bob Ball -- Former SSA Commissioner
  • Gene Steuerle -- Urban Institute

3:15-4:45: Closed Press and Off-the-Record Breakout Sessions to Provide Conference Participants the Opportunity to Speak Directly With Key Administration Officials and Members of Congress. (See color codes for location of breakout sessions)


Participants for December 9

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