Remarks by the President at Memorial Service for Jack McAuliffe
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release                       January 4, 2001

                         REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT

                  Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
                                   Syracuse, New York

11:45 A.M. EST

          THE PRESIDENT:  Millie; John, Joe, Tom, Terry; all the family and
the grandchildren; reverend clergy.  I want to thank the people who came
with us today: our leader, Dick Gephardt, and his wife, Jane, and Senator
Dodd and Congressman Coelho.

          Hillary and I are here because we really liked Jack McAuliffe.
And I know most people will say, well, the President came because Terry did
so much for him.  Truth is, I came for Joe.  I thought we ought to have an
Irish Protestant support group here in this church.  (Laughter and

          One wonderful nun reached over to me during communion and said,
thank you so much for what you did for Ireland.  I said, I had to do it;
it's about time we started getting along.

          I want to say just a few things.  I spent quite a bit of time
thinking about what I would say in my couple of minutes.  Most of what I
wanted to say has been said.  But you know, when a great human being passes
away, people search around in their minds for some part of the Scripture
that captures that person.  We talked about it a lot already today.
Proverbs says, "a happy heart doeth good like medicine; but a broken spirit
drieth the bone"; that God loves a cheerful giver -- that's what Jack
McAuliffe was.

          He knew it was more blessed to give than to receive.  But nothing
is more distasteful than someone who's out there doing good and wants you
to know it every minute of the day.  Jack McAuliffe was a cheerful giver.

          Whether it was in risking his life in the Pacific; or leading
campaigns here to build a church for his neighbors, or schools for the
kids; or cheering and giving to Notre Dame, or the Democratic Party; or
spending time imparting all the lessons to his children that you heard
about; or just buying a round at the local bar -- he was a cheerful giver.

          And every time I was around him, I felt better.  And so did you,
and that's why you're here today.  He gave more to us than any of us
outside his family gave to him.  And we showed up to say, you gave us a
lesson in life.  We loved you for it, and we're grateful.

          I have to say a little something about his ties to the Democratic
party.  He was the county Democratic treasurer here for decades.  And he
started Terry out as a political fundraiser when he was six years old.
I've heard this story -- no matter how many times, I never get tired of it.

          When Terry was six, on the night of the Onondaga County
Democratic dinner, his dad sat him down at a card table outside the
ballroom at the Hotel Syracuse and said, don't let anybody in who hasn't
paid.  (Laughter.)  Terry immediately found his true calling in life.
(Laughter.)  And you know, when he got up here, the first words out of his
mouth were that his Republican brother paid.  (Laughter.)  So thanks, Jack,
you did good.

          I'll always be grateful because Jack showed me something about
going through life and staying young by never losing your enthusiasm.  You
know, he didn't take -- he was very proud of Terry's role in politics, but
he didn't think it meant that he was now too good to do the basic work of
politics.  He was out there putting up yard signs for Hillary in this
campaign, when he was 83 years old.  And I think he was pretty pleased at
the way things came out.

          I also like the fact that he didn't lose his spirit when it
didn't all work the way he thought it should.  I mean, he thought Notre
Dame should never lose, and he had what in this year turned out to be a
bizarre idea: he thought all votes should actually be counted.  (Laughter
and applause.)

          But he just kept chugging along, you know?  And he made me even
feel better about all of that.

          Terry, of all the things you've done for me, turns out none of
them was better than the chance you gave me to be your father's friend.
His memory will always bring a smile to the face of all of us who knew him.
And we'll always miss him.  But I rejoice in the fact that Jack the
cheerful giver is in his rightful place, where the road is always rising
and the wind is always at his back, and he is always in the hollow of God's

          Thank you, Jack.  (Applause.)

                              END         11:52 A.M. EST

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