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Citizens Project
A Colorado Springs, CO project that sponsors programs, events and discussions to engage people in dialogues on diversity and tolerance

Community Cousins
An Encinitas, CA program that promotes friendship among people of different backgrounds by encouraging interaction between individual families

Community-Based Fire Protection Program, Los Angeles Fire Department
A Los Angeles Fire Department effort to promote community and involvement and better integrate itself into Los Angeles' socially and ethnically diverse communities through a variety of education and outreach projects

Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Committee
An organization founded to restore a sense of community in Contra Costa cities and teach people how to address and resolve the issues that concern them most.

Cradleboard Teaching Project
The Hawaii-based project nurtures the self-esteem of both Indian and non-Indian children by improving cultural awareness and relations

Days of Dialogue
A Los Angeles, CA effort to promote dialogue among diverse groups of people on difficult issues of the day

Delhi Center
The Delhi Center is a nonprofit organization that works with a diverse Hispanic community to address social, economic and immigration issues in Santa Ana, California

Diversity and Unlearning Prejudice Program
A Los, Angeles-CA based program created to train county employees to recognize the value of diversity in the workforce

Diversity Team Project
A project which teaches youth in San Jose, California lessons on race relations and similarities among different cultures

Diversity/Harmony Mural Project
A project created to give students an understanding of the diverse cultures that make up the United States and to promote diversity and harmony

E Pluribus Unum: Multicultural Institute for Teachers
A Downey, CA program that trains teachers in promoting diversity as part of their curricula

EMPIRE: Exemplary Multicultural Practices in Rural Education
A Toppenish, WA consortium of elementary and secondary schools that educates staff and students about living in a diverse society

FAITHS Initiative
A San Francisco, CA-based initiative operated by faith-based organizations to develop programs that encourage social interaction among different races

Forum on Race
A Seattle, WA forum that engages the general public in conversations on race

Fulfillment Fund
The Los Angeles-based organization assists disadvantaged students in completing high school and advancing their education

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