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Middle School Institute for the Study of World Peace
A Northridge, California program that engages middle school students in a year long study of the requisite conditions for peace and fosters an understanding of diversity

Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN)
A Billings, MT based organization established to research and expose the racist and anti-Semetic practices of white supremacist groups in Montana

Multicultural Collaborative
A Los Angeles, CA-based program that provides community-based services different racial and ethnic groups in the city

MultiCultural Resource Center
A Portland, OR center that has developed educational programs for schools to use to promote racial and cultural understanding

Native American Day
A Fallon, NV-based activity that educates elementary children about Native American culture

Native American Student Services, Phoenix College
A Phoenix, Arizona program that helps Native American students integrate into life on campus

News Watch Project
A San Francisco, CA project that monitors the media for fair and accurate coverage

Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment
A Seattle, WA coalition committed to ending discriminatory violence and organized bigotry

Not in Our Town Campaign
A media campaign that uses solution-oriented documentaries to demonstrate how individuals can help stop hate motivated violence and intolerance through personal action

Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal
The Oakland-based committee was founded in 1954 to address the city's transition to an ethnically and economically diverse community

OpNet: The Multimedia Opportunities Program
A San Francisco, CA based program designed to assist economically disadvantaged minorities gain employment in the multimedia industry by providing participants with resources, training and internships

Palms Council Project
A Los Angeles, CA project that works with young people to promote multiculturalism and the value of diversity

People and Congregations Together
An organization created to change the attitudes and behaviors of families to reduce isolation, increase civic involvement and encourage families to organize around common problems, while stressing the importance of alliances among people of different racial backgrounds

People Respecting Other Peoples
A San Francisco, CA program designed to increase a school population's awareness of racial and ethnic attitudes

Phoenix Indian Center
The Phoenix-based center is a multi-faceted social service organization that provides employment training, education and support services to a predominantly American Indian population

Pico/Lowell Neighborhood Education Project
The Pico/Lowell Neighborhood Education Project is a community partnership which provides literacy training and English as a Second Language classes, promotes cross-cultural dialogue and eliminates local problems arising from cultural or language differences

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