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Glide Memorial United Methodist Church
A San Francisco, CA church that operates social service programs for people in the neighborhood

Great Leap, Inc.
A nonprofit Asian American performing arts organization dedicated to the principal of deepening understanding and promoting harmony between the diverse cultural groups of America

Hands Across Cultures Corp.
An Espanola, NM effort that brings together businesses, schools and community members in a coalition that supports activities designed to improve the health and social well being of minority youth

Hoop of Learning Partnership
A Phoenix, Arizona project which provides needed assistance to Native American students, colleges and universities and increases the presence of Native American students in higher education.

Human Efforts at Relating Together: A Student Mediation Program
The Los Angeles-based program was created in 1991 to encourage and train youth as conflict-resolution facilitators in on-campus disputes

Interior Alaska Center for the Healing of Racism
A resource center that promotes racial healing and the recognition and internalization of the oneness of humanity

Interracial Sisterhood Project
A Hayward and Los Angeles, CA project that encourages friendships among women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds

A nonprofit, multicultural, multiethnic performance choir, which promotes collaboration among all children as a means to make communities and cities more harmonious places in which to live

Latino-Jewish Leadership Series
The Latino-Jewish Leadership Series is a network between leaders in Hispanic and Jewish communities established to address problems and issues.

Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations
A Los Angeles, CA based program that uses adult training, youth training and alumni activities to equip people with the skills and background to effectively address race relations in their own communities

Leadership for Equity, Antiracism, Diversity, and Educational Reform
A Los Angeles, CA program that supports teachers in promoting educational equity, justice, cultural inclusion and self-esteem

Loyola Marymount University CommUNITY Quilt
A Los Angeles, CA-based effort that encourages student organizations to interact through racial dialogues and the production of a quilt

M.O.S.A.I.C. Leadership Class
A Sunnyvale, CA class for high school students to share ideas and attitudes they have about race and diversity

Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) Customer Service and Cultural Diversity Program
A Phoenix, AZ based program that educates health care providers to be aware of and sensitive to different cultural norms and mores

Metropolitan Human Rights Center
The organization was founded to address concerns about racial integration in Portland's schools and housing. The organization operates two programs, the Dynamic Differences Program and Community Dialogue on Race Relations program, that focus on developing a closer understanding of race.

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