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Appendix D List of Figures

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Council on Sustainable  Development


Figure 1: Dimensions of Sustainable Development and Policy Focus
Figure 2: Total Energy Use
Figure 3: Primary Energy Flows
Figure 4: Secondary Energy As Delivered Energy
Figure 5: Fuel Shares of Electricity Generation
Figure 6: Global Carbon Dioxide Concentrations
Figure 7: Alternative Energy Rise Estimates Associated With Rising Carbon Dioxide Concentrations
Figure 8: Carbon Dioxide Emission Increases -- OECD vs. Non-OECD Nations
Figure 9: U.S. Oil Imports and OPEC Oil Exports -- Current and Projected Levels
Figure 10: Total Petroleum Use
Figure 11: Transportation Fuel Shares
Figure 12: Scenario Paths

Appendix E: List of Tables
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Energy and Transportation Task Force Report


Chapter 1: Findings

Chapter 2: Task Force Goals & Indicators

Chapter 3: Policy Recommendations

Appendix A Scenario Narrratives

Appendix B Other Policy Options Considered

Appendix C Endnotes

Appendix D List of Figures

Appendix E List of Tables