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Information on Y2K for the MAX A-11 Data Entry System

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MAX A-11

Information on Y2K for the MAX A-11 Data Entry System

As a new millennium approaches, we wish to convey some information about "Year 2000" (Y2K). All computers that connect to the EOP for MAX purposes should be Y2K compliant.

While the primary focus of the information is for Information Systems, such as your office LAN, all of the same issues need to be addressed for those who use MAX from a PC independent of their LAN. Information entered on a noncompliant machine could introduce date errors in MAX that may impact budget request submissions. To minimize risk, we suggest the following:

  • Make a list of software installed on your hard drive including the Operating System (i.e., Win95, WINNT 3.51, WINNT 4.0 etc). Check manufacturers' Web sites for information regarding Y2K. Consider removing or replacing noncompliant software.
  • Test your hardware. NSTL (National Standards Testing Laboratory), an independent testing organization, offers diagnostic software (YMARK2000) for download from their Web site: http://www.nstl.com. If your computer's BIOS passes YMARK2000, you only need to check your software. If your system fails YMARK2000, you should check the manufacturer's Web site for their solution suggestions.

Some steps you will want to follow to ensure Y2K compliance:

  1. Awareness - Understanding the implications of the millennium change
  2. Assessment - Determining the scope of the problem
  3. Renovation - Fixing applications/replacement of noncompliant hardware
  4. Validation - Testing to make sure the fixes are correct
  5. Implementation - Moving corrected applications into production

MAX A-11 Data Entry was developed with Y2K compliance in mind. We encourage you to make sure that your software/hardware used to work with the MAX system are Y2K compliant. In addition, you should have received from us, new MAX hardware and Operating System software requirements for the President's FY 2000 Budget. We would like to stress that it is almost certain that if you have a 486 machine, you are at a higher risk for Y2K problems. A Pentium 100Mhz computer or higher is likely to be Y2K capable.

The above statements regarding Y2K compliance are provided for informational purposes and do not imply any guarantees or directives. Please contact Martha Wallace at (202) 395-5682 for more information.

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