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MAX Status

Opening Date: We are not sure when the MAX database will reopen for preparation of the FY

  1. President's Budget. We anticipate that we will have more information after January 20th.

The MAXA-11 System: As of January 11th, read access to the current database will be terminated until Thursday, January 18th when read access will be available again to accounts, as they where locked in December 2000, under a new exercise name, CL2002. Sometime after that, the MAX database will reopen for update access to the FY 2002 President's Budget. - A new version (release 7.4) of the MAX A-11 Data Entry software will be made available to you for use in updating the FY 2002 President's Budget. - This software version will be available by patch update (i.e. as you log on to the OMB Host system a new version will be downloaded and automatically update the version on your computer.) - The complete new version will also be available on the MAX Home Page if you are unable to receive the patch. - You MUST use version 7.4; prior releases of the software will not work.

Expectations for Account Data: - You will no longer be able to upload account data that has been previously downloaded from the database when the database reopens. IF YOU WISH TO KEEP A COPY OF YOUR TRANSITION ACCOUNT DATA, YOU MUST MAKE A COPY OF THE ACCOUNTS BY USING THE FILE, OPEN, COPY feature to another directory or onto diskette. - When the database reopens you must download all your accounts under the FY 2002 President's Budget exercise.

If you have questions about the above contact your OMB representative.

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blue ball Training schedule PDF Information (14k)
blue ball Production schedule PDF Information (5k) horizontal bar

Budget Documents

blue ball OMB Circular No. A-11

Explanation of MAX Edit Checks
Listing of OMB Agency/Bureau and Treasury Codes

blue ball OMB Circular No. A-34
blue ball Preparation of the FY 2001 budget and supporting data PDF Information (39k)
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FACTS II and the P&F Schedule

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MAX A-11 Documents

blue ball Notification of software and hardware requirements
blue ball Information on Y2K for the MAX A-11 Data Entry System
blue ball MAX A-11 User's Guide
blue ball Agency Budget Survey
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Possibility of Automating Budget Text

blue ball Overview of the Budget Text Process
blue ball Budget Text Preparation Questionnaire horizontal bar

MAX A-11 Software

blue ballMAX A-11 Data Entry Software (FY2002) Release 7.3 (Current Release)

(self-extracting archive, 1.5mb)
blue ball MAX A-11 Data Entry Software (FY2001) Release 7.2
(self-extracting archive, 1.5mb)
blue ball Updated "Help" file for MAX A-11 Data Entry horizontal bar


blue ball Feedback form on the MAX A-11 System

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