Summit of the Eight

The Sherpas

Sherpas are the leaders' personal representatives at the Economic Summit. The term sherpa was coined based on its true definition. Nepalese sherpas guide hikers on mountain summits. The Denver Summit of the Eight sherpas guide and advise leaders at economic summits.

The sherpas generally meet 4 times per year in the country that is hosting the Economic Summit. This year, U.S. Sherpa Daniel K. Tarullo hosted the following sherpa meetings in preparation for the Denver Summit of the Eight:

February 14-15, 1997, Washington, D.C.
April 6-7, 1997, Cambridge, MA
May 22-24, 1997, Washington, D.C. and Airlie Center, Warrenton, VA

Later this year, the sherpas will meet one final time in the U.S. before the U.K. takes over the Summit of the Eight chairmanship.

Mr. Daniel K. Tarullo -- United States
Assistant to the President for International
Economic Policy

Mr. Kazuo Ogura -- Tokyo
Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Roberto Nigido -- Rome
Diplomatic Advisory to the President of the Council of Ministers

Mr. Gordon Smith -- Ottawa
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Dr. Juergen Stark -- Bonn
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Finance

Mr. Jim Cloos -- Brussels
Director of the President's Cabinet
European Commission

Mr. Sjoerd I.H. Gosses -- Dutch Presidency/Brussels
Director-General European Cooperation

Mr. Jean-David Levitte -- Paris
Conseiller Diplomatique
Presidence de la Republique

Mr. Alex Allan -- London
Principal Private Secretary

Mr. Alexander Livshitz -- Moscow
Deputy Head of the Administration of the President

Summit of the Eight

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